What's all this then?

Hi, my name is Stefan Ukena

I am the creator of the Annoy-O-Bot Academy.

What is the Annoy-O-Bot Academy?

The Annoy-O-Bot Academy is a fictitious place where Annoy-O-Bots learn about human behavior and human motivation.

Right now it’s not more than a prototype of an idea. You can try it on this web-site for free.

What is an Annoy-O-Bot?

An Annoy-O-Bot is a fictitious assistive AI-based technology. If a human needs assistance in their life, they can ask for an Annoy-O-Bot to be assigned to them. The Annoy-O-Bot will then be able to communicate with their assigned human and assist them with reaching their life goals.

If you are a human, you will eventually be able to request an Annoy-O-Bot by installing an app on your phone. Currently, there is not app, only a prototype which you can try on this web-site.

I don’t get it

Don’t worry. Just try it!

🔥 I have some feedback!

Awesome! Please ✉️ shoot me an email

Kind regards,
Stefan Ukena